My attempt at an original joke

Last year I went on holiday to South Africa. Whilst I was there I was lucky enough to witness an event that only happens once every four years, the animal Olympics. It’s apparently where all the animals (lions, tigers and bears etc. all the animals) come together in one place (they get there by ark) to compete to see who is king of the animal kingdom, not just king of the jungle. It was really good actually. My favourite event was giraffe polo, where they all run about and bash an armadillo around with their own necks. I enjoyed all the events actually, except one. The big cats track and field day was set to be the highlight of the whole games, but unfortunately one of them spoiled it for the rest of them, and in turn the crowd too. This cat had been put down for discus, but protested that he should be in a track event like hurdles instead, on account of his lack of opposable thumbs. His protest rather dragged on, which really annoyed everyone. In the end, this big cat wasn’t allowed to switch the event he was down for, and the games got back underway, much to everyone’s delight. I guess a leopard really can’t change it’s sports.


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