Stonewall School Report

Paediatricians are, of course, very good with kids. However, there’s still a population of young people that we are letting down, and that’s our LGBT+ youth. We aren’t good at recognising or appreciating many of the specific issues facing gay kids, and this can lead to suboptimal care compared to their heterosexual/cisgender peers. I’m currently working on a project to improve this, but in the meantime I gave a talk to some paediatricians and paediatric trainees at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh about just some of the issues facing out LGBT+ patients. I used Stonewall’s School Report to focus my talk, given during our weekly Journal Club meeting. These are the slides I created (using the drawings from Stonewall’s publication). I’ve also made a YouTube video based on the report, which can be seen below.


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  1. Shirley Latin · September 4, 2015

    I have just read/watched this,as plumbers here till 10.30 —- don’t ask! I had read the statistics before but they get no less shocking. Did you present this as a talk or did you show your blog ? That seemed a little bit slower but not much! I was still breathless, but the content was very good. What was the response from your audience and did it vary between paediatricians with experience over some years and newer trainees? If so which were the more sympathetic and clued up and which more resistant. Are you spending a big proportion of your time working with Stonewall and other groups? This all makes me sad that we (I) did not have the courage to bring up the subject when you were at school because we worried, feeling we had to wait until you were ready to talk. Makes me feel quite cowardly, though at the time I did phone Stonewall for advice but did not tell anyone in case it was felt to be interfering. Now I see that perhaps many kids just need someone to take the initiative so that they feel they have back up. However, in future kids will have you on their side and picking up on their worries in a positive way, so that is one good result! Take care, love, Gma.


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